Yo, it’s the return of 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted, and we back like Jordan for our 23rd episode here and this time we have special guest @JarrettAbello, a dear friend of the podcast (and lyricist extraordinaire) who recently had his Jussie Smollett / Gay 2Pac meme (see episode artwork) re-posted on Instagram / Twitter by the one and only @50cent!! He joins us this week to lend his thoughts, expert opinion and humorous outlook on the whole Jussie Smollet MAGA attack investigation (hoax?) while we question him on his experience suddenly becoming Insta-famous overnight! Make sure you guys follow him on Instagram and show him some California Love. Other topics this episode include Kev and Ross’ update on “Temptation Island,” Matt Watson and his #youTubewakeup movement, and the gang also listens to and reviews Cheetos’ diss track against Doritos & Chance the Rapper. (Spoiler alert: Chester Cheetah, we ain’t mad at cha.)
This episode is in no way sponsored by Subway.
So... Apparently 21 Savage is British? What part of the game is this?
This episode we're talking about Sir 21 Savage of Newham, Kev and Ross' obsession with the new (old) USA show "Temptation Island," Superbowl XLIII and it's many failures (including that Maroon 5 performance), we review the Netflix series "You" and lastly, we talk about Liam Neeson suddenly being racist all of a sudden... (Wait, no, we actually don't discuss that last one. Maybe next week we'll do a podcast on all our fallen heroes.)
January 23, 2019

Episode 21: DeAndre Cortez

Sorry. That's all on our minds this week. Of course this episode we're talking about the AMAZING return of Soulja Boy! We put some respek on his name and legacy, discuss his controversial decision to sell video game consoles and argue over whether he did in fact have the best comeback of 2018 as he claimed in interviews last week. We also talk about how an Apple Watch saved a man's life, Kev & Ross share their uniquely horrifying experiences visiting a doctor's office, the Lincoln Memorial standoff between Native Americans and Kentucky high school students and lastly, we talk about Trump's obsession with "hamberders" and the Great American Government Shutdown. Our thoughts and prayers are with the government employees who are currently furloughed and working without pay. We hope this government shutdown ends very soon.

Enter the Mind of Kevin, past the bolted doors where impossible things happen that the world's never seen before... Wait. No. That's the theme to Dexter's Laboratory. My bad. Anywhoo.. This episode we're answering questions #12 - #15 covering topics such as R. Kelly, the #10yearchallenge, ghosting someone while texting, the Mandela Effect...and Prohibition? Yep. Enter at your own peril.

January 2, 2019

Episode 19: #BirdBox

What's up 2019! How you doin'? We're back and so excited for the year ahead for Thirty-Eight Forty-Eight Podcast. We open up this year with questions regarding everyone's obsession with Netflix's new film "Bird Box" (SPOILER WARNING!!), comedian Louis C.K. extremely controversial recent stand-up appearance, and talk about a very interesting YouTube series we watched by Pleasant Green where he decides to take on Nigerian Scammers and embarks on a quest to help one scammer turn his life around for the better. Also, Ross bought Kev a Kangol hat for his birthday, lol.


 This episode we answer questions #9 - #11:

  1. SPOILER ALERT - Why is everybody talking about Bird Box?[1] (6:50)
  2. Once you have been canceled, how much time can pass before you’re allowed to step back into the limelight? Case in question: Louis C.K. [2] (25:47)
  3. Have you ever been scammed personally? And Nigerian Scammers - what up with that? [3] (36:11)


As always, thank you for listening and please send us your questions on Instagram as the best ones will make it onto the next episode!



  1. Correcting a mistake in the episode where we stated that Bird Box was released on Netflix on Dec. 28th, it was released on December 14th.
  2. You can read about and watch Louis C.K.’s performance here: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/patricksmith/louis-ck-mocks-parkland-shooting-survivors-asian-men-and
  3. Here’s a link to the start of the YouTube series by Pleasant Green on Nigerian scammers: https://youtu.be/Q2s39x0xSI8

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